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Technosite is the ICT company of ONCE Foundation and specialises in providing accessible solutions across technologies. Its business model is based in R&D and innovation as a way to offer cutting edge consultancy services. The main business objective of Technosite is to facilitate access for people with disabilities to the Information Society.

Technosite is part of the Fundosa Group, the business arm of the ONCE Foundation, created to promote training and employment for people with disabilities. The Fundosa business group was formed in 1989 and is made up of 73 wholly-owned and 39 jointly-owned companies, with a combined workforce of 14000 people, of whom 9000 are disabled.


The ATIS4all Project is managed by a consortium led by Technosite and a group of organisations, which have been selected on the basis of excellence criteria, and for their proven track record in the assistive technology field in European research arena.


In order to cover all areas of expertise, to achieve an international representation of relevant organisations as well as a deeper impact on all the activities carried out by the ATIS4all thematic network, the consortium is setting up a complementary network of supporters.

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